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1. How do we get started?

It's simple! Take everything out of the kit and place it in the middle of a table in front for all students to see. The students should start discussing all the different shapes, colors and sizes of the "charmz" and beads and go over the tools and accessories. Each student can then take a felt place mat and start opening the beads and placing them on the felt surfaces. This allows you to see how the beads look in relation to each other. Keep in mind that pattern and color are an effective component to good bead design. Once some of the creative ideas are discussed your beading club will take off! Just remember that anything goes!


2. How young can you be to join the charmz4charity program?

We recommend the children be eight years old and up.

3. Should I limit the club in number of students?

You want to gather a fair sized group. The minimum number to work with is probably 12 students, and the maximum is 25 students in the charmz4charity program. Numbers will also depend on age groups as well. The younger grades should probably have 10 to 15 students enrolled and older grades can have a greater amount of students enrolling in the program.

4. What is the ideal student/adult ratio for supervising the jewelry making?

The ideal ratio would be 1 teacher/adult volunteer for every 10 students.

5. How many bracelets can I expect a student to be able to make in an hour of the club time?

At the beginning the students make work a little slower because they are still trying to get a certain feel for what they are doing. Once they are comfortable with everything they should be able to make four bracelets within the hour.

6. Are there beads suitable for both boys and girls?

Yes, in each kit there are beads that can be put together for both boys and girls. The wide-holed large beads seem to be the most popular with the boys whereas the fire-polished beads are a hit with the girls.

7. How many beads would we need to make a bracelet?

Every bracelet is different. All aspects of beading a bracelet must be considered. Who the bracelet is being made for? Whether it is for a child, a teenager or an adult? The size and shapes of your beads and fillers must also be considered.

8. What is the best way to secure the knots when finishing the bracelets?

The best way to end off the bracelets is to make a triple knot and have a teacher or adult put a little dab of glue on the knot. Put the bracelet on the side so the glue can dry properly. Please note that the glue must only be handled by adults at all times. It is very strong and not recommended for young children.

9. If we run out of stock, where can we get more?

Just email us @ info@charmz4charity.org or call us @ (416) 464 2529.

10. How do I price the jewelry?

We recommend selling the bracelets for $5.00 - $20.00 per piece.

11. How many pieces of jewelry do we need to have prepared for a sale?

The students should make anywhere from 200 to 250 bracelets for the sale.

12. How do we advertise for the bracelet sale?

There are many different avenues the students can use to advertise their bracelet sale. They can create posters and put them up in hallways or the library of their school. They may just want to use the Charmz4Charity poster (on the inside of the brochure found in the kit) and fill in the date and hang those in popular areas of the school. If the school has a web site they can advertise on the web site. Morning announcements or assembly announcements are also a great way to spread the word of the sale. Of course, word of mouth always work well to spread the word of such a worthwhile cause!

13. How do I involve the students in the sale of the bracelets?

The best way to organize the sale is to let the students choose what area they feel most comfortable in for the day of the sale. Some students may opt to look after the collection of the money. Others may choose to be involved with the direct sales of the bracelets, or perhaps choose the gift wrapping area. Whatever role the students choose for themselves is key for a successful and smooth bracelet sale.

14. When is the best time to hold a jewelry sale?

You can choose a sale date in accordance with a holiday or with the change of seasons. A couple of weeks before Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are great times. Having a sale just before spring or summer is also a nice time to plan a bracelet sale.

15. What happens with the proceeds that were raised during our bracelet sale?

All proceeds raised are donated to a registered children’s charity that your school has chosen. The money is first sent to Charmz4Charity and a representative from the chosen charity and a Charmz4Charity representative will come to the school for a cheque presentation that is made in front of the school.

16. Can the charity that is chosen be any children’s charity?

The charity must be a registered children’s charity with a Charitable Business Number.

17. What can we do with the pretty heart-shaped container after the sale?

A great way to keep the spirit of the Charmz4Charity kit alive is to place the case in the library of the school or in a well traveled area of school. Fill the heart with charitable items; books on philanthropy or well known philanthropists or maybe even books on different children’s charities. Don’t forget to put in the heart all the great pictures you took during the Charmz4Charity program.

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