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Thank you for deciding to participate in the Charity Begins at Home Program!

Be registering below, we will begin to track your families' donation successes on-line with your first charitable contribution of $50.00 or greater to a registered children's charitable organization of your choice. Once received by Charmz4Charity, we will then forward the funds to the designated charity. A charitable tax receipt will be issued by Charmz4Charity to you with a letter of appreciation from your chosen children's charity. You and your children will then be able to track the progress of the Charity Begins at Home Program!


Yes, our family wishes to be a part of the Charmz4Charity On-Line Rewards Program
No, our family does not wish to be a part of the Charmz4Charity On-Line Rewards Program
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Donations must be made by credit card only!
If you have any further questions, please contact us @ (416) 464 2529 or email us at info@charmz4charity.org

Thank you for being a part of Our Charity Begins at Home Program!

"Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I learn,
Involve me and I remember."
Benjamin Franklin

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