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What's in your kit...

Assorted Beads – come in virtually any material you can imagine and have been made in thousands of different shapes.

Assorted Charmz – is a great way to create the feel you are after. You may chose a charm based on your wardrobe, your hobbies or your mood. Remember to attach the charmz using your jump rings.

Assorted Spacers – are Metal Beads used to accent a design.

Crimp Tubes – are tiny metal tubes used to secure your elastic stretch cord together, and creates a more finished appearance. Place elastic stretch cord through one end of the crimp. With the other end of the cord, string the opposite end through in the opposite direction. Flatten the crimp tube with the long nose pliers.

Black Felt Place Mats – these mats create an excellent no slip surface for laying out all your designs. It also keeps beads from escaping.

Cutting Nipper – used for cutting elastic stretch cord.

Mini Long Nose Plier – good for grasping large beads, and can be used to crimp the ends of the bracelets.

Tweezers – great for grasping small ends.

** Power Glue – to be used only by adults! Glue can be used to double secure your elastic stretch knot. To secure knotted threads, place a very small amount of glue on the knot. You must allow time for glue to dry before wearing bracelet.

The Charmz4Charity program brings the concept of philanthropy to a child's level. Children helping children.

Charmz4Charity is a feel-good program on so many levels. It builds confidence in the children involved by letting them realize that they can make a difference in this world. It teaches them the art of jewellery designing, as well as marketing and advertising. It opens their hearts, and gives them the opportunity to reach out to those that are less fortunate than themselves. By doing this, they learn about responsibility and the true spirit of giving, sharing and caring. Most importantly, this program helps children who need help the most.

Our concept is straight forward: With this kit, you have everything you need to make your very own bracelets. You can advertise or sell them to your family and friends, selling the bracelets for $5.00 -$20.00. Once the money is raised, please send a cheque to Charmz4Charity and let us know which registered Canadian children's charity you wish to designate your funds to. You will receive a tax donation from Charmz4Charity.

This is a family project, requiring adult supervision.
Not meant for children under 8 years of age

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